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URBANE is one of our latest projects. Starting from the beginning, this family wanted something different. A home that was refined, unique in every way, but functional. From every handcrafted cabinet, bookcase and detail to in the one of a kind staircase, this home gave way to creativity. 

The first owner built the house primarily with materials from the surrounding farm to create the first A-Frame. A few years later in 1977, the second owner bought the house and added on as their family continued to grow. They added the second A-frame and inhabited the home for over 40 years. I collaborated with the current homeowner, utilizing some of the home’s original materials to enhance the new floor plan, with an objective to maintain the original rustic charm.I'm a

This home was a showstopper in the 2018 Bowling Green Parade of Homes. It's fun textures and clean design make this home so bright and full of personality. 

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